Discovery Trading specializes in dropshipping and wholesale services. We ship internationally to all countries. At the same time, we source other products at a competitive rate. Please contact us to find out more.

Our clients range from home based online business to major retailers. We welcome all orders in small and large quantities. All of our clients realize sizable increase in profit after using our service. Below are some of the services we provide:

For our dropshipping service -

1. We dropship directly to your customer on your behalf. Our company name will not appear.

2. We can include customized invoices to represent your company.

3. We can provide professional product photos at a low cost.

4. Your shipments will be expertly protected to avoid damage.

5. We inspect each shipment carefully and will provide free adapters if necessary.

6. We offer combined shipping rate.

7. We offer customized stock lists (CSV or others) for free.

8. We offer customized product packages at a discounted rate.

9. You will receive a weekly newsletter that contains the latest products and market trend news.

10. We offer screen language change service for some of our products.

In addition, for our wholesale service -

1. We ship wholesale orders to any addresses. There’s no minimum order requirement.

2. We can provide you with a special wholesale price quote.

3. We are open to multiple shipping methods.


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