About Us

Discovery International Trading Limited is a registered limited company based in Hong Kong. We have chosen Hong Kong as our base because it is the prime location for meeting our sourcing and logistical needs.

Our goal is to profit your business by providing the best prices and service on the market. We have strong business ethics and we would like to establish a long term relationship with you that will last a lifetime. Many of our clients have become not only our partners, but also our friends. Our account managers are well trained and dedicated to serve your needs. We provide 24 hour support and many points of contact, including phone, instant messaging, and email. In addition, our shipping time is amazingly fast and we have been exceeding the high targets that we have set.

Our company has been growing tremendously. To handle our large turnover, our warehouse now spans more than 2000 square feet. Thanks to our growing size and volume, our products are always in stock and our prices are extremely competitive.

We have many successful and loyal clients from around the globe. We have been in the wholesale and trading business for many years, and we have valuable experience and expertise that will be beneficial to you. We look forward to helping your business succeed.

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